Chris Esquerra

A software developer with over 10 years of military service focused on delivering, marketing, and managing healthcare to serve both internal and external clientele.

Now in the tech industry, I aim to take my experience as a team member and supervisor to new projects and organizations to achieve goals and create new customer experiences.

Associate Software Engineer

San Antonio, Texas

December 2018 - July 2019

Develop software solutions for non profit organizations to manage outcomes for education sector partners using C# and React/Typescript for front and back end elements as necessary.

Assistant Director of Family Maltreatment Services

Joint Base San Antonio, Texas

March 2013 - May 2016

Managed intervention and prevention services to over 60k beneficiaries in the Department of Defense's largest family maltreatment program worldwide. Supervised and ensured educational currency of 35 geographically separated staff members in accordance with federal and healthcare accreditation regulations by orchestrating or conducting required continuing education classes.

Mental Health Education & Outreach Specialist

Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea

February 2012 - March 2013

Created and distributed mental health, substance abuse, and family violence prevention educational content to over 20 squadrons of active duty and civilian personnel by conducting group classes, formal theater presentations, and live radio broadcasts at several locations in country.

Substance Abuse Counselor

Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska

June 2010 - February 2012

Provided direct counseling services to servicemembers diagnosed with substance abuse disorders and those with substance related incidents. Coordinated care between several facilities to ensure continuity of care and highest chance of recovery for patients. Additionally cooperated with command personnel in accordance with healthcare privacy laws to provide stable environment for clients returning from higher levels of care to the workcenter.

Mental Health Technician

Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska

March 2008 - June 2010

Manage administrative duties of medical outpatient clinic. Assess new clients and assign to most appropriate services available. Maintained physical and electronic medical record system for over 1,200 active and closed cases.

.Net & .Net Core
Spring Boot
MySql & JDBC
Microsoft SQL Server
Git Version Control


Attempt at testing basic AI scripting/pathing with a rehash of classic Pong game. You can download a Mac version of the game by clicking here or a Windows version by clicking here.


A simple recreation of the classic Asteroids style game written using GameMaker Language. Animations and sound produced by myself in an effort to figure out how games and publishing work. If you're the kind of person who downloads software from strangers (and who in 2019 isn't?) you can try a Mac version of the game by clicking here or a Windows version by clicking here.

A webapp to manage your closet. Users can upload and save garments, use them to compose and plan outfits for events, and share them with friends via social media. Includes OpenWeather API that notifies users of weather to plan outfits accordingly, and integrates the UploadCare API to allow users to import garments from URL, device camera, local files, or social media accounts. Composes prepopulated tweets with garment or outfit image page for sharing with friends, because what fun are clothes if you never get to show them off?

*Live production site has been closed. Click above image to see the source on Github*

Ad site integrating Java EE and MySQL. Allows users to login, post ads for items, as well as browse listings posted by other users. Messaging functionality allows users to communicate with one another to orchestrate exchanges and sales. Also integrates Google Maps to allow for geolocation for items at location defined by users on their profile. It's basically a really cute Craigslist.

Interactive game designed for my daughter to practice her addition and subtraction. Could probably help other preschool age kids, too. Additional functionality may be added as she grows up, so long as my coding skills outpace her math abilities.

Javascript based version of a memory game that in no way resembles what may or may not have been an extremely popular game. Even the name is different!

A copy of my resumé is downloadable here.

Mobile: 210-763-6803

LinkedIn: in/chris-esquerra/